We are the digital disruptors – a group of people who believe that the need for a new renaissance is upon us.  We believe that digital technology can help lift us out of the dark ages of a society run solely on unsustainable free-market capitalist foundations – foundations that have seen us destroy large parts of our natural ecosystems and create and extend inequality.

We believe capitalism is capable of equality, protection of our natural resources and inspiring people. We’ve built this site to collate, discuss and exchange ideas with others we know feel and think the same way.


Cathy Mulligan is PI of Sustainable Society Network+ and a Research Fellow at Imperial College London.  She blends economic and technical skills together in unique ways to deliver sustainability outcomes for the planet.

David Freer is co-founder of O Street design studio and a co-conspirator with the GSA Institute of Design Innovation. His style is quirky and original, giving clients unique, effective and memorable solutions.

Joe Lockwood is the Director of The Institute of Design Innovation. He is actively involved in understanding and enabling how we make cultures of innovation.

Gerard Briscoe is a Research Fellow of the Institute of Design Innovation, Glasgow School of Art. He specialise in interdisciplinary research at the fringe of computing, including the design of Digital Cultures.




Funded by Sustainable Society Network+
(EPSRC grant: EP/K003593/1)