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Here you’ll find a bunch of resources on digital disruption, as well as a community of like-minded people.

On this website, you’ll find all you need to build your very own working examples of digital disruption in various industries.  Read more about our theories or check out our blog post for some background information on the project and the economic concepts affecting the global economy.

We’ve created an iconography for everyone to use to communicate ideas around disruptive technology and a gallery to share them.  You can also upload your own icons or galleries for others to use.  Everything is available under creative commons license.


You can download single icon files or entire kits of icons and assets that enable you to build your very own computational examples. These files are downloadable in Ai, SVG and PNG formats as well as some powerpoint slides to help you illustrate your own computational designs.


Sign up and create a profile to upload your designs, see your download history, comment on blog posts and save your favourite icons by using our ‘like’ feature.


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